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SER accomplishes its mission by delivering programs that are sophisticated, personalized and well-aligned with the local economy:

  • We help youth achieve academic milestones and develop strong leadership and character skills.
  • We expose young people to in-demand jobs and industries and prepare them to pursue careers in these fields. 
  • We coordinate or deliver training programs that result in new skills and credentials that are sought after by employers. 
  • And we deliver career coaching, college planning and job placement services through a team of passionate professionals who have been trained to motivate, inform and assist the individuals who walk through our doors.

Job seekers across all levels of experience often find employment through their personal and professional contacts and relationships.  As the saying goes, it’s not just what you know but who you know.  For the adults and youth served by SER, this reality can often create significant barriers to finding a job.  Lower-income residents often lack the type of social network they need to get their foot in the door since their own communities suffer high unemployment rates.  SER fills this void by developing and maintaining relationships with a wide range of local employers.  Its experienced staff is able to prepare and refer youth and adults to appropriate job leads, essentially vouching for the candidate’s reliability and skill set. 

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